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Construction materials include boards in different profiles such as unedged, half-edged and square-edged. Types of timber we cut our boards from are: beech, oak, ash, maple, spruce, pine and acacia). Our assortment comes in fresh, semi-dry, dry and steamed condition. Quality and other criteria are coordinated with a client, and we also take into consideration custom sizes in order to satisfy the needs of a client. Drying and steaming processes are done with advanced technology, and we even employ the pre-drying system, which makes your choice limitless and that is a guarantee that you will be satisfied if you choose us.


In our assortment we have available different sizes and types of wood beams for construction. Primarily used to form roofs, but also as the building material for construction of wooden houses, log cabins, and other types of buildings used for different purposes.


In a wide selection of products, besides the beams, boards and other construction material, we offer all types, dimensions and classes of planks. Planks are cut from carefully selected logs in order to satisfy customers’ needs. Besides standard cutting dimensions, we extend an extra hand, and offer custom cut planks to your desired dimensions. It is packaged in well formed packages and it is delivered with no damage.


Hardwood floors are one of the most important elements in your home or business. Hardwood floors instantly add value and comfort to any decor. Wood flooring is the most abundant renewable flooring material available. Sustainable forest management makes it possible to harvest wood without any serious impact on the environment. Wood species our flooring is made from are: beech, oak, ash and cherry. Important environmentally-friendly facts about hardwood floors are that when installed in your home or work place they offer better air quality than any other type of flooring, and also, less energy and water are used to produce hardwood floors than any other floor type. We just cleared you of any dilemmas for what is the right thing to get for your floors.


Wood is a quality material due to its longevity and endless possibilities to refine it. Its natural appearance and decorative look put it above any other material as far as fulfilling customers’ needs. Current trend on market shows a very high demand for high quality products. The leading product in wood refining industry is parquet. We offer the best quality parquet at affordable prices. Do not hesitate, get it from us!