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In process of preparing the firewood, after it is chopped, the wood (species: beech, celulose,oak and hornbeam) is selected and packaged. Firewood is clean, and evenly cut to be used in stoves, fireplaces, heating boilers and pizza ovens. It is usually cut to lengths of 25cm, 33cm, and 50cm, and the granulation of chopping is determined by the customer. Our packaging specter ranges from wood in palettes, bags, boxes and crates.Dimensions of  paletts: 100x100x180 cm


The kindling we offer is made from selected pieces of pine and spruce that came from unusable pieces as a result of cutting timber for construction material. We remove bark from it, and that makes it ideal for starting a fire in fireplaces, ovens, stoves and pizza ovens. Just like the firewood, we package our kindling in many different ways such as: bags, cardboard boxes and crates, but if a client desires a different kind of packaging we come forward to make their wish into reality.

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Our company manufactures wood briquette from clean wood waste collected from the primary wood processing. There is no chemical additives used in manufacturing process. Briquette comes on three different compositions pure beech briquette, pure pine briquette and mixed (70% beech and 30% pine). By using wood briquettes you will use less storage, they burn longer, high caloric value, clean stoves and furnaces, cheaper overall in comparison to other burning fuels.


Our pellet is made from pure sawdust collected as a byproduct of primary processes such as cutting timber for construction material and furniture elements. Just like our briquettes, pellet is made from two wood species, beech and pine or spruce. We can produce clean beech pellet, clean pine or spruce pellet and mixed. The advantages of pellet are less storage space needed, high caloric value, long burning period, clean ovens or furnaces, low ash content, economically more feasible than other burning fuels. Pellet has been chemically tested in laboratory and it has no chemical additives in it which makes it environmentally friendly product.


Our grill charcoal is manufactured using traditional process of burning wood in big stone wall furnaces. After it’s taken from a furnace, charcoal is submitted through process of sifting and removing the dust, and granulation separation. With our charcoal you get 100% granules with little to none dust, and we guarantee you full satisfaction, as well as to the guests you invite for some good old barbecue.

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Our company has adequate storage space that meets all the prescribed requirements and European standards.

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